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About Conversion Program at I-Fatoss University Benin

  • In today’s competitive job market, higher education has become a cornerstone for career advancement. However, for many individuals holding lower degrees such as Higher National Diplomas (HND) or Nigerian Certificate in Education (NCE), the pathway to achieving a Bachelor of Science (BSc) or its equivalent can seem daunting. Recognizing this challenge, I-Fatoss University Benin offers a transformative solution through its Conversion Program


  • The Conversion Program at I-Fatoss University Benin provides a unique opportunity for students with lower degrees to upgrade their qualifications to a BSc or its equivalent. Lasting for an academic session, this program is designed to bridge the gap between different educational levels, empowering individuals to pursue their academic and professional aspirations with confidence.


One of the distinguishing features of the Conversion Program is its comprehensive approach to learning. Participants are immersed in a dynamic academic environment where they engage in coursework tailored to their chosen field of study. From foundational concepts to advanced theories, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in their chosen disciplines.


  • Central to the program’s success is the emphasis on experiential learning. In addition to attending lectures and seminars, students undertake a final year project that serves as a capstone to their academic journey. This project not only showcases their mastery of the subject matter but also provides a platform for innovative thinking and problem-solving.

  • Furthermore, students are required to defend their final year projects before a panel of esteemed faculty members, providing an opportunity for intellectual discourse and critical feedback. This rigorous assessment ensures that graduates of the Conversion Program possess the academic rigor and analytical prowess expected of BSc holders.

  • In addition to project work, students also sit for comprehensive exams, testing their understanding of the material covered throughout the program. These exams serve as a benchmark of academic achievement and provide a formal validation of the knowledge and skills acquired during their time at I-Fatoss University Benin.

Beyond academics, the Conversion Program fosters a supportive community where students can network with peers, faculty, and industry professionals. Through workshops, seminars, and guest lectures, participants gain insights into current trends and best practices in their respective fields, preparing them for success in the workforce.

Overall, the Conversion Program at I-Fatoss University Benin is a testament to the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and inclusive education. By providing a pathway for students with lower degrees to upgrade their qualifications, the program empowers individuals to reach their full potential and unlock new opportunities in their chosen careers. Whether


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